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My book, “Of Fairy Tales and Happily Ever Afters: My Story of Breast Cancer,” although mainly focused on the journey through breast cancer, is a story of my life and how God has carried me through. I included actual accounts of my day-to-day living through excerpts from e-mail I sent out. My main theme throughout the book is to offer its readers hope in the midst of very difficult circumstances. My outlook was to be a blessing to whoever God brought across my path and to live my life one day at a time.

The book is published by Tate Publishing— a Christian-based publisher out of Mustang, Oklahoma. After completing the book, David and I started looking online, for a publishing company. Unfortunately, each company wanted up front money to even consider reading my manuscript, and I was told not to sell the book that way. So we decided to place the publishing of the book at Jesus’ feet. We prayed He would send a publisher, and we could both be happy with. That very day, Dave happened upon them while surfing the net. When he read their statement of faith, we knew we had found the publisher for ourselves. They believed and stood for the same Christian ethics as we did. Once my manuscript was submitted and accepted, the ball started rolling rapidly. They provided the editing, cover design, marketing staff, etc. We’ve been very pleased with their service to the authors.

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